August 04, 2015

Returning To Work? Resume Makeover Adds Polish

Part One: A step-by-step guide to overhauling your resume by expert Catherine Palmiere

Sometimes even the address on the top of a resume can telegraph to a recruiter that a mom returning to work is out of touch with the workplace. They may toss it without reading because the contact details seem amateur.

That was the case with stay at home mom Michele Alberto, an HR professional who desperately needed to return to work. Her husband had been let go, and they needed an income.

Michele (we’ve fictionalized her name and resume to protect her privacy) asked expert Catherine Palmiere for help with her resume.

“It did her no justice,” says Catherine, who reviewed Michele’s hastily compiled resume,

The first mistake? The addresses.

Michele’s first draft used a cutesy, mommy email address. Addresses like, are fine for social networking but look unprofessional to experts like Catherine who have reviewed thousands of resumes and helped big companies recruit.

Improvement: Use a free e-mail service like Gmail for job hunting and craft a professional looking address, like (We’ve also seen job hunters craft e-mail addresses like or

The second mistake? New York mom, Michele, included an anonymous postal address. Catherine suggested she used her home address and phone number because she knew Michelle had a machine that would take messages. (Record your message when the kids are asleep to avoid screams and background noise.)

See the before and after treatment.


Resume before Catherine Palmiere did her magicAFTER: Check out the new version below. Editing the email address and street address are simple changes but ones that make a big impact.

Professional email and home address included on resume

Our advice: In this economy, you never what’s going to happen. As they say on Project Runway, one day you are in, the next day you are out.

Updating your resume on a regular basis is far less onerous and more pleasant than having to do it urgently.

Catherine Palmiere is a teacher, author, and popular guest speaker at seminars and on TV. She is the President of the staffing firm, Adam Personnel, in New York City.

Follow Catherine on Twitter for more advice.

Part two of our resume makeover series shows you how to present your experience in the best light on your resume.

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About the Author: Julie Power is a writer and editor with experience in both the United States and Australia. After living in the United States for 16 years, she recently returned to live in Sydney with her husband and twin boys (9 years old). Follow @juliepower

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